Cost Advantage  


Film Output With Printproof / per A4 / A4
A4 . HK$100.00
A3 . HK$200.00
  HK$1.00 per sq. inch

Film Output / per A4 / A4
A4 . HK$18.00
A3 . HK$36.00
  HK$0.18 per sq. inch
Colour Proof / 
per set of CMYK / 4
A4 . HK$50.00
Over A3 size . HK$0.50 per sq. inch
Custom Colour / Spot Colour . HK$160.00 each colour
Scanning / 
Colour Scanning
(High resolution) 20MB
Over 20MB HK$16.00
Additional HK$0.80 / 1MB

Artwork / per A4 / A4
A4 Film Output With Printproof / HK$320.00

Product Photo /
120   HK$180.00
4 X 5


- File (CD) to be collected today (within office hour), artwork/film can be ready in your office or china factory by next day, time is totally under control.

- Our price already include the collection and delivery service

- Price can be adjusted for large quantity

- We have imported the paper which is specialized for print-proof, the quality is much better than the source from China

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